Pre-Operative Information: Clinical Crown Lengthening

What are the objectives of clinical crown lengthening?

Clinical crown lengthening is performed in order to elongate the exposed portion of the tooth for either esthetic purposes or to provide room to adequately restore a tooth.

How do we do the surgery?

The surgery is done painlessly with local anaesthetic. The gums and bone around the tooth/teeth are modified to further expose the crown of the tooth. Sometimes a dressing is placed over the surgical site. One site of surgery takes approximately 1 hour.

What happens after the surgery?

A soft diet is recommended and you will be prescribed pain medication and given an antibacterial rinse. You will be seen one week after surgery to check healing, to remove any remaining sutures and to show you how to clean the area. There may be temporary sensitivity to temperature. This is normal and will gradually subside over time. At a second post-operative visit, 3-4 weeks after the surgery, healing will be monitored. If satisfactory, you will make an appointment with your dentist for the crown preparation six weeks after the time of surgery (possibly longer for a front tooth).

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